How did West Chester Dems do in the 2018 primary election?

The interesting part of primaries is usually the turnout, which measures the enthusiasm and commitment of voters and, through that, also the effectiveness of party activists. We usually compare unofficial results right after each election to the corresponding election 4 years earlier, but so much has changed so fast that the 4-year comparison isn’t as […]

Primary election turnout May 2017

Dem voters in the Borough turned out on May 16 at a 20% rate. Sure, we’d like 100%, but 20% is the highest anyone can recall for an “off-year” primary election. The trend began by 2013, when D turnout increased 5% over 2011. In 2015, D turnout gained 48% over 2013. And in 2017, about […]

Why Democrats need to vote in the Democratic Primary

from CCDC: When? Tuesday, May 20th 7a.m. – 8 p.m. Where? At the polling place for your precinct. If not sure, look it up here. What’s a Primary Election? Each spring, we choose candidates to represent our party on the November ballot. Only Democrats can vote in a PA Democratic primary. That means Democrats alone […]