Dear Senator Toomey: Please show the courage of moral conviction

from our Special Correspondent in West Chester

Dear Senator Toomey:

Please show the courage of moral conviction. It not only is wrong, it is irresponsible to rush through a health care bill that has not been properly scrutinized, when you yourself do not know the long-term implications of the legislation.

The Congressional Budget Office predicts 22 million Americans will lose insurance if the Republican Bill goes through. Millions will lose Medicaid – and they aren’t the mythical “welfare queens,” they are hard-working Americans, blue collar workers, teachers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, who are old, retired and whose savings run out.

And major urban hospitals will run budget deficits treating people at ERs who have no insurance.

All of these consequences are not “conservative,” they are not “Christian” and they are not smart.

As the New York Times has reported: “Obamacare is Not Collapsing, Imploding or Exploding.”

Please do the right thing. The AFA may need fixing. You should work cooperatively, across the aisle, to reach a solution.


Toomey: Gun control moderate with an NRA A rating?

Letter sent to the Phila Inquirer 10/31/16

Pat Toomey on gun control is as phony as a 3 dollar bill (Inquirer, 10/31). Even as he writes legislation to provide more background checks, Toomey cut the budget of the FBI and ATF, to provide the criminal background database, that would make such background checks more accurate and complete. Toomey has fooled a lot of people with such phony “moderation.” Gabby Giffords has endorsed both Toomey and Mike Fitzpatrick with such shennanigans. The true thermometer of gun control was Toomey’s Grade-A rating by the NRA, which Toomey bragged about in paid ads until 3 weeks ago. It was only when critics proved the lie of Toomey’s moderation with his A-rating, that the NRA recently lowered his grade to a C+. Would you have thought the NRA would have noticed before now? This most effective of lobbies? Follow the money.

Ben Burrows

Do your job, Pat

from Joe Sestak, candidate for US Senate, 3/17/16

Yesterday, President Obama announced his nomination for the Supreme Court – and Pat Toomey announced he wouldn’t even consider the nomination. Instead, Toomey said he wants to “ensure that it is the next president, not the current president” who fills the vacancy – over 10 months from now. 

Filling a Supreme Court vacancy is about more than politics – it’s about the foundation of our democratic government. But Toomey wants to keep the seat vacant until 2017 for political reasons.

Consider this: if Toomey gets his way, our next president may be Donald Trump. That means one of President Trump’s first actions would be choosing a lifetime appointment to the highest Court in the country.

People have lost trust in government because of the overtly partisan machinations of obstructionists like Pat Toomey, who is unwilling to do his job in even considering the President’s nomination.

I’m running to restore trust in government by bringing accountable leadership to the Senate. I actually want to be accountable to the people above politics and be judged not for my intentions but by my deeds. And because of that message, the most recent polling has me within the margin of error against Toomey.

Please contribute today to elect a Senator who will not only do his job, but be accountable to the people.