Gov. Wolf’s commitment to education

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Corbett’s Desperation and Deceit

FactCheck, The Annenberg Public Policy Center, October 15, 2014

We’ve noticed that the most deceitful attack ads often come from candidates who are most desperate. For example, consider the claim by Pennsylvania’s unpopular Republican Gov. Tom Corbett that his opponent “is promising to raise middle-class taxes,” when in fact Democratic nominee Tom Wolf promises to cut them.

Wolf has proposed increasing the state’s income tax — but only for those making more than roughly $70,000 to $90,000 per year for individuals, or more than $140,000 to $180,000 for married couples. For the large majority of Pennsylvanians, whose incomes fall below those levels, Wolf proposes to reduce or eliminate the income tax.

Furthermore, Wolf also proposes to cut local property taxes, shifting more of the burden of financing schools to the state. That would be an additional benefit to homeowners…

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In favor of McCord for Governor

by Jack Armstrong, West Chester Borough Dems Facebook page, 3/8/14

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I think we should nominate Rob McCord Governor. I happen to know this guy. He and his wife Leigh were among a handful of people who came forward to help when we started the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre years ago.

Contrary to custom, I want to talk about something other than issues. My reason: unless I’ve missed something, the candidates’ differences on issues are quibbles. They all support the Democratic agenda – civil rights, voting rights, education funding, effective regulation of the shale oil industry, gun control, etc.

So the important question for us is not what they stand for, but who will stand more effectively. Because having your heart in the right place is only halfway there. Governing is hard. Many politicians with golden intentions have stumbled badly on the realities of budget limits, entrenched bureaucracies and conflicting constituencies.

I think Rob McCord has proven that he is up to the task. When we first met him in the 1990s, Rob was starting something called the Eastern Technology Council, to ferment tech industry in the Philadelphia area. Before long, eight hundred companies had joined forces under ETC’s banner, and it was one of the driving forces behind Philadelphia’s tech boom in the 1990s. It was good for Rob’s career and it was terrific for Philadelphia. What that shows about Rob is that he has this ability to combine good intentions with pragmatic, realistic strategy. I like that. He’s not just well-intentioned. He’s well-intentioned with muscle.

Since being elected Treasurer in 2008, Rob has used the power of that perch and his expertise in investment strategies to help retirees, help students, and return $2.1 billion to the state coffers. All this while streamlining operations and cutting costs in his department. In other words, again, a mind for detail and a pragmatic creativity informed by good intentions. Again, the ability to turn good ideas into facts.

Most of all, I would like to speak to Rob’s character. I have known him for twenty years. He’s a down-to-earth guy with a goofy sense of humor, who genuinely cares about people. Let’s face it: politics can be ugly, and often, the candidates we’d rather vote for are not willing. But Rob has a first-rate brain and a true heart. How often do we get to vote for somebody like that?

Jack Armstrong
West Chester 7th Ward

Democratic gubernatorial debate slated

By Jeremy Gerrard, Daily Local News, 10/29/13

WEST CHESTER – Three gubernatorial candidates seeking the Democratic nomination and a chance to oust incumbent Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett will face off in a debate at West Chester University Wednesday evening.

Candidates John Hanger, Jo Ellen Litz and Max Myers accepted invitations to attend the debate.

So far, eight Democrats have declared themselves candidates in the upcoming 2014 governor election.

All declared candidates were invited to attend.

“It’s a good chance for all concerned, I think, and not just the candidates,” said Nathaniel Smith, borough resident and debate organizer. “This is going to be a very big race and the issues.”

The debate will begin at 7 p.m. in the Philips Autograph Library in the Philips Memorial Hall located at 700 S. High Street in West Chester. The room is located upstairs above Asplundh Concert Hall.

The debate is being sponsored by the SAC and the Political Science Department at West Chester University.

The candidates will field questions from attendees, mainly students, and will likely touch on education, fracking, environment and partisanship.

West Chester University student MaryBeth Sadow helped coordinate the event. As the contemporary issues chair of the student activities council, Sadow said the group tries to bring in a few events each year focused on current topics. An international relations major, Sadow said she wanted to do something to engage the students with what was happening at the state and local government level.

“I wanted to give them the opportunity to speak to the source,” Sadow said.

While there are a variety of issues to discuss, Sadow said she thinks students will be focused on education with questions tailored toward support for higher education and rising tuition among the students concerns….

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Meet and Greet John Hanger for Governor

John Hanger 7:12:13

The West Chester Democratic Committee has not endorsed any candidate for Governor. To download a pdf of the above invitation, click here: Hanger Meet and Greet 7-12-13 #4.

Please invite friends and relatives; this event is in a great setting only a few hundred yards west of the borough.

Please RSVP by the end of the day on July 10, to provide a count for food and drink.