Dem-supported WCASD team interviewed on WCHE

West Chester Area School District School Board candidates Robin Kaliner, Joyce Chester, Ricky Swalm and Chris McCune talk about their campaigns prior to the November 5th General Election. WCHE (1520 AM), Morning Magazine, 10/7/13. For more on these 4 candidates, see their site.

Disappointed with board’s actions in West Chester school talks

Excerpts from letter in Daily Local News, 10/10/13 Like most people who care about our West Chester schools, I am disappointed that the long, long negotiations process has not yet produced an agreement between the school board and the teachers’ union. I’m sure we all hoped the recent fact-finder’s report would spur an agreement, but […]

Big law and the judges

It’s nice when companies sponsor public events (like the May Day Festival in West Chester on May 5), but isn’t this a little crass: Besides the yard signs for a judicial candidate near the bottom, the table also held campaign literature and buttons. The same law firm, whose second named partner is the former long-time […]

Some issues with primary election articles

Letter, Daily Local News, 5/17/13 The article “Board hopefuls represent competing camps in primary,” printed in the May 13 Daily Local News, deals with a vital race in the May 21 primary but has some issues, as they say. The print article says that the “Better Directions” slate of Ricky Swalm, Joyce Chester, Robin Kaliner, […]

The Choice for True Leadership in WCASD

from A View from the Cheap Seats, 5/8/13 The mission of West Chester Vote is to preserve excellence in education for West Chester Schools by supporting candidates who will protect our educational and enrichment programs. West Chester Vote is endorsing Joyce Chester, Robin Kaliner, Chris McCune and Dr. Ricky Swalm as Directors for West Chester Area School District. Two years ago, […]

Why Vote for a “Better Direction”? (WC Area School District, 2013)

from Better Direction for West Chester Why Vote for a “Better Direction”? In the last school board election, against all odds, our community joined together and succeeded in electing a board director with strong community values. This was the first step in providing a “Better Direction” for the West Chester Area School Board. Take the […]