Let’s give some credit

Rep. Costello Statement on Reported Remarks by President Trump
January 12, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Rep. Ryan Costello (PA-06) today issued the following statement on reported remarks made by President Trump:

For decades, my wife and her family have done missionary work in Haiti. I’ve always been impressed and inspired by the stories they have shared with me about their experience of service, grounded in faith, and the commonalities we all share as human beings. As Americans, we have a proud history of advancing economic, educational, and personal opportunity for millions of people around the globe, and as a country we should recognize the countless contributions and positive impact immigrants have made on our country.

Our country is a nation of immigrants, and we should appreciate and value what each person brings to this country. We should take pride in the fact that most of us have passed down the stories of our families traveling from somewhere else in pursuit of the American Dream. I’m proud to be the descendant of Irish, Italian, and German immigrants who sought a better life in the United States. I believe it is inappropriate, unfortunate, and offensive that the President of the United States reportedly said what he did. I hope he clarifies what was said, apologizes, and focuses on addressing the immigration-related issues for which many of us are seeking bipartisan solutions.

[n.b. If it comes to a censure vote in Congress, and if Rep. Costello bucks his party leaders to back censure, it will help him reduce his “Trump Score,” currently standing at 93.1% votes that Trump approves. Anyone reading this West Chester Dem site knows that votes are the bottom line.]


“Forgive them, for they know not” department

From: Christians for Trump
Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 9:31 pm
Subject: Call for Action!

The time is now to show your support for Donald J. Trump and Governor Mike Pence.

Help us spread the word that millions of people of faith are supporting Trump. Please use social media and show your support by using the hashtag #ChristiansVoteTrump

This year’s critical election revolves around 4 core principles:

Supreme Court Justices
Religious Liberty
Defense of the unborn
Support for Israel

Only one team can say yes to all of those: Trump/Pence.

Please pray for this election and our nation and its leaders.

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”


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Christians Vote Trump

New York Times visits West Chester

excerpt from Trip Gabriel, “Email Issue Only Hardens Political Views in Philadelphia Suburbs,” New York Times, 7/7/16

…Holly Brown, 70, a retiree who owned a clothing and gift store in West Chester, supports Mrs. Clinton and said the furor over her use of a private email server was overblown. “I think there’s a lot of sexism going on,” she said. “There’s very much a double standard.” She noted that PolitiFact had “found her to be the most honest politician in the race.”

West Chester is the county seat of Chester County, north of Delaware County. Two elected Republican officials strolling outside the government building said they did not support Mr. Trump, but asked not to be named because of pressure they might face from fellow Republicans.

Mr. Trump “has proven time and time again he is not the type of person we typically elect to be the highest person in the land,” said one of the officials, who holds countywide office. “I’m not a fan of Secretary Clinton, either.”

He said he would probably write in Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for president….