How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking

By Justin Nobel, Rolling Stone, June 1, 2017 [n.b. relevant to West Chester because of our Home Rule Community status, our environmental Community Bill of Rights passed by voters in 2015, and ongoing initiatives to defend our environment and health.] Grant Township, Pennsylvania, population 741, has became the front line of a radical new environmental […]

Environmental Community Bill of Rights passes in West Chester

by Dianne Herrin The voters of West Chester Borough have spoken loud and clear. A full 73% of those who voted on the amendment said “YES!” to the Environmental Community Bill of Rights! The amendment passed by a substantial margin in every ward, despite some significant on-the-ground opposition in two wards. This is a very […]

Voting Straight Dem or not, VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT!!

West Chester Dems, please study this advice to be prepared when you enter the polling place! If, as the first item on the ballot, you vote STRAIGHT PARTY – DEMOCRATIC, you do not need to fill in any other ovals for candidates but you still need to vote for the HOME RULE CHARTER AMENDMENT on the back of the […]