Congratulations and thanks

Now that the dust has settled and I can breathe again, I would like to congratulate our Democratic winners in the Borough. Kathi Cozzone has once again emerged victorious as our County Commissioner! Congrats to Diane LeBold, Jordan Norley, and Jim Jones for their election and re-election to Borough Council. And, I’m excited to welcome […]

Environmental Community Bill of Rights passes in West Chester

by Dianne Herrin The voters of West Chester Borough have spoken loud and clear. A full 73% of those who voted on the amendment said “YES!” to the Environmental Community Bill of Rights! The amendment passed by a substantial margin in every ward, despite some significant on-the-ground opposition in two wards. This is a very […]

4 Seeking 2 seats in Region 1 of WCASD

By Candice Monhollan, Daily Local News, 10/28/15 Four West Chester residents vying for the West Chester Area School District’s (WCASD) two Region 1 school board seats in the General Election Nov. 3. Fighting for the spots, with one incumbent, are Debra Maccariella, Vince Paul, Kate Shaw and incumbent Sue Tiernan…. read more at Daily Local […]

Voting Straight Dem or not, VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT!!

West Chester Dems, please study this advice to be prepared when you enter the polling place! If, as the first item on the ballot, you vote STRAIGHT PARTY – DEMOCRATIC, you do not need to fill in any other ovals for candidates but you still need to vote for the HOME RULE CHARTER AMENDMENT on the back of the […]

Exceptional Candidates for WCASD Director

from Better Direction for WCASD, 10/20/15 I am emailing you today to ask you to vote for Kate Shaw and Sue Tiernan for WCASD School Director for Region 1 on Tuesday, November 3rd. I am voting for Kate and Sue because they have proven that they serve the best interests of our school district and community. Can they […]


Kate & Sue have spent their entire careers in education. They are exceptionally well-qualified to serve the West Chester Area School District. Many of you have generously given to Kate & Sue’s campaign fund and they are very grateful to you. The fact that many people outside of Region 1 have contributed is a testament […]

Four seeking two West Chester school board seats in Region 1

By Candice Monhollan, Daily Local News, 5/15/15 Four West Chester residents are seeking the Republican nomination for the West Chester Area School District’s two Region 1 school board seats in the Primary Election May 19. Three of those residents are also on the Democratic ticket…. read more at Daily Local News

Thanks for Deciding & Voting!

A Better Direction for WCASD, 5/14/15 De·cid·ing adj. – Determining or able to determine an outcome On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, to the polling places will go civic-minded West Chester Area School District residents. It is an off-year election, mostly consisting of county and township level contests – row officers, judges, supervisors and school board. […]