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Legislative District 156 includes Borough of West Chester; East Bradford Township, South; East Goshen Township; West Goshen Township.

  • MAP is the Borough of West Chester Ward/Precinct Polling Places.
  • Ward boundaries are on the map; polling place locations and Borough Council Representatives are below the map.
  • Or find your polling place by your address through the PA Department of State
  • Democratic Committee members
2013 West Chester Borough Ward/Precinct Map

2013 West Chester Borough Ward/Precinct Map • Click to enlarge


[Precinct Number, Ward Number, Borough Council Representative]

810 WEST CHESTER 1, Bill Scott
Mary Taylor House, Community Room 1st Floor, 326 N. Walnut Street

820 WEST CHESTER 2E, Diane LeBold
West Chester Community Center, 501 E. Miner Street

825 WEST CHESTER 2W, Diane LeBold
West Chester Borough Hall, Room 240, 401 E. Gay Street

835 WEST CHESTER 3, Brian Abbott
Reformed Presbyterian Church, 312 W. Union St. (SW corner at S. New St.)

842 WEST CHESTER 4, Jordan Norley (Vice President, Borough Council)
Borough Garage, 205 Lacey Street

846 WEST CHESTER 5, Don Braceland
Lawrence Hall, West Chester Univ., 705 S. New Street (park and enter in back)

850 WEST CHESTER 6, Jim Jones
First Presbyterian Church, 130 W. Miner Street

860 WEST CHESTER 7, Ellen Koopman (President, Borough Council)
West Chester Public Library, 415 N. Church Street

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