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Off the Sidelines endorses Houlahan in 2018

Big news! In the last few weeks, we have received endorsements from VoteVets and Plumbers Local 690. Today, we’re excited to add Off the Sidelines to our growing list of endorsements!

Off the Sidelines is a growing national organization founded by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that supports women candidates. This is huge news for our campaign.

Help us spread the word about the endorsement. Share this post with your friends on Facebook today.

In their endorsement, Senator Gillibrand discussed Chrissy’s leadership, saying:

“Throughout her career that included service in the U.S. Air Force, growing and running three small businesses, and working as an educator, Chrissy has demonstrated her service to our nation. We need more women like Chrissy in Congress to cut through the partisan politics and focus on getting things done and helping people. Chrissy has a proven track record of creating good paying jobs through her work as COO of And1 Basketball and through her work as the founding COO of B-Lab, a nonprofit that promotes B Corporations and good business practices, and Off the Sidelines is proud to endorse her campaign for Congress.”

It’s exactly that type of experience that makes Chrissy the best candidate for the job — and today, Off the Sidelines made that clear.

Thanks for your help,

Team Chrissy

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Administration by smokescreens

from a contributor in the Borough

This is an administration by smokescreens. The President screamed that there was “voter fraud” (where the evidence is that any voting errors had a de minimus effect on the election) so that Republicans have an excuse for restrictions that discourage the minority vote. That’s a trick of the old post-Civil War South. 

The President screamed about illegal immigrants and attempted to ban immigrants from Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq who he claimed threatened the U.S. But that was simply to distract Americans from the fact that he is doing business with Saudi Arabia — the native country of the majority of 9/11 terrorists, and with United Arab Emirates.

He screamed that President Obama had wiretapped his New York office. But that pile of bunk was just to distract us from the number of people in his campaign who were in direct contact with Russian agents. 

No more smokescreens!

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whose america are we living in?

by Carla, chestercountyramblings, 6/1/17

When you see photos like this they just make you happy. Obviously in love, on their wedding day, their whole lives ahead of them. Until ICE (immigration) shows up like modern day Nazis at the Septa train station in Haverford and arrests the husband.

I used to live in Haverford. I used to work near Haverford Train Station. I grew up in Haverford. I just can’t imagine the terror this man felt. I learned about his plight when a friend posted on Facebook…

read more at chestercountyramblings

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Primary election turnout May 2017

Dem voters in the Borough turned out on May 16 at a 20% rate. Sure, we’d like 100%, but 20% is the highest anyone can recall for an “off-year” primary election.

The trend began by 2013, when D turnout increased 5% over 2011. In 2015, D turnout gained 48% over 2013. And in 2017, about 400 more Dems voted than in 2015, a 31% increase over 2015 compared to a 13% R increase.

As a result, in 2017 almost twice as many D’s voted in 2017 as in 2013, for an increase of 94% compared to 9% for R’s. The largest % Dem increases were in wards 2E and 4, the lowest in 5 and 6.

Now our task is to hold all our primary voters, and to add a lot more for the November vote!

Dear Senator Toomey:

“I hope you can let this go.” When the President says this to the FBI Director, it is obstruction of Justice. The Republican Party now stands for principles that are utterly antithetical to Democracy: bald-faced lying (Sessions); intolerance (the President, Sessions); undermining the Constitution (McConnell); voting rights manipulation (the entire Party); the ends justify the means (the entire Party); obtaining advantage for the rich at the expense of the poor (the entire Party); now, no surprise, obstruction of Justice.

Where will it end?

When will you show some moral fiber and individual courage?


James Sargent, West Chester PA
May 17, 2017

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Dianne Herrin wins mayoral primary

from WCDem chair Stephanie Markstein:

Congratulations to Dianne on her primary win! She did an outstanding job and should be commended on her efforts. Let it also be said that the Democratic Party in West Chester had three hard-working candidates. Thanks to Cassandra Jones and Kyle Hudson for their contributions of integrity and effort in this primary. May we continue to work towards a better community and be united in our vision as we look towards the fall.

See more on this primary in “Dianne Herrin wins Democratic Primary for West Chester mayor” by Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 5/17/17:

WEST CHESTER >> Voters overwhelmingly gave the nod for mayor on the Democratic ballot to Dianne Herrin in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Herrin received 756 votes or 61 percent of the tally. Cassandra Jones was second with 286 votes, or 23 percent, and Kyle Hudson placed third with 182 votes, or almost 15 percent.

All election results are unofficial until verified by the county board of elections.

No Republican candidate was listed on the primary ballot. Herrin will likely run unopposed in November during the General Election, unless a write-in candidate surfaces from the Grand Old Party.

Herrin will likely succeed Mayor Jordan Norley, who was chosen by borough council to serve as interim mayor. He is completing the final eight months of Carolyn Comitta’s term and decided not to run for a full term. Comitta was elected as a Democratic state representative for the 156th Legislative District in 2016, after a lengthy recount.

Herrin is vice president of a local West Chester-based energy consulting firm. She has a history as an environmentalist, was the only mayoral candidate endorsed by the Sierra Club and worked on the borough’s climate action plan….

read more at Daily Local News

[n.b. This MDJ race will be on the 5/16/17 primary ballot in WC wards 3, 6, and 7 as well as in East and West Bradford. Candidates can cross-file, and thus both candidates will be on the D and R ballots. For more on the endorsed Democrat, Bret Binder, see OUR CANDIDATES at CCDC.]

By Michael Rellahan, Daily Local News, 5/13/17

WEST CHESTER >> The two men seeking nomination to run for the position of magisterial district judge in West Chester and surrounding townships in Tuesday’s primary election are offering voters a choice between years of judicial experience and bold plans for new approaches to the court system.

Incumbent Mark Bruno points to his three terms on the bench and proven record of dispensing justice in the court as reason why he should be returned to office, while challenger Bret Binder proclaims that he would begin initiatives in the court that would reach out to workers, students, and veterans….

read more at Daily Local News

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Close Races

This is what your vote means — why each vote counts…

  • 2000, WC Borough Council President, Ward 2, Diane LeBold tied the general election and won by a coin toss.
  • 2006, State Representative, 156th District, Barbara McIlvaine Smith, won the general election by 28 votes.
  • 2009, Mayor, Borough of West Chester, Carolyn Comitta won the Democratic Primary election by 23 votes.
  • 2015, Magisterial District Justice, Marion Vito won the general election by 44 votes.
  • 2016, State Representative, 156th District, Carolyn Comitta won the general election by 25 votes.

West Chester has eight (8) precincts. Mayor Comitta’s 23 votes in 2009 meant that if just three people (3) from each precinct stayed home, she would have lost.

So, candidates need your vote; your local and state governments need your vote; your nation needs your vote. You choose who you want to run your democracy. “If you stay home, you’re voting for the other side.”

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Three competing for West Chester mayor

By Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 5/11/17

WEST CHESTER >> Three mayoral candidates are listed on the May 16 primary election ballot.

All are Democrats. No Republican has announced a run. A Republican could still establish a write-in campaign prior to the November election.

Dianne Herrin, Kyle Hudson and Cassandra Jones all hope to replace Jordan Norley, who was recently tapped by council to serve the remaining eight months of Carolyn Comitta’s term. Norley is not seeking the nod from voters.

All three candidates have strong ties to the borough. The mayor does not vote, but has veto power. A major mayoral task is overseeing the police department….

read more at Daily Local News

2018 candidate Chrissy Houlahan (with microphone on the right) speaks to a crowd of well over 100 at the April 29 March for the Environment in West Chester. Photo by Sarah Hudgings. For background of the march and quotes from speakers, see below, April 29.

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