‘Dangerous’ to sit out vote: Obama rallies Democrats for Bob Casey and Gov. Wolf at The Dell

By Chris Brennan, Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/21/18

Former President Barack Obama warned Democrats against sitting out the midterm elections during a North Philadelphia rally Friday for U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, Gov. Wolf, and the party’s other candidates in Pennsylvania.

He singled out young, African American, and Latino voters amid concern that the traditional drop in turnout from presidential years could harm the Democratic Party’s chances of gaining ground in Congress and statehouses amid low approval ratings for President Trump.

And he chided Trump, without naming him, for bragging about improving economic conditions that started before the Republican moved into the White House last year.

“So when you hear right now, folks, right now, taking credit for this economic miracle, c’mon, they act like it all just started. Please,” Obama told a raucous crowd of about 5,000 at the Dell Music Center….

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This is obstruction of justice — WC resident to Sen. Toomey

Dear Senator Toomey:

“I hope you can let this go.” When the President says this to the FBI Director, it is obstruction of Justice. The Republican Party now stands for principles that are utterly antithetical to Democracy: bald-faced lying (Sessions); intolerance (the President, Sessions); undermining the Constitution (McConnell); voting rights manipulation (the entire Party); the ends justify the means (the entire Party); obtaining advantage for the rich at the expense of the poor (the entire Party); now, no surprise, obstruction of Justice.

Where will it end?

When will you show some moral fiber and individual courage?


James Sargent, West Chester PA
May 17, 2017

Toomey: Gun control moderate with an NRA A rating?

Letter sent to the Phila Inquirer 10/31/16

Pat Toomey on gun control is as phony as a 3 dollar bill (Inquirer, 10/31). Even as he writes legislation to provide more background checks, Toomey cut the budget of the FBI and ATF, to provide the criminal background database, that would make such background checks more accurate and complete. Toomey has fooled a lot of people with such phony “moderation.” Gabby Giffords has endorsed both Toomey and Mike Fitzpatrick with such shennanigans. The true thermometer of gun control was Toomey’s Grade-A rating by the NRA, which Toomey bragged about in paid ads until 3 weeks ago. It was only when critics proved the lie of Toomey’s moderation with his A-rating, that the NRA recently lowered his grade to a C+. Would you have thought the NRA would have noticed before now? This most effective of lobbies? Follow the money.

Ben Burrows

Joe Sestak to supporters, 4/27/16

I write this with a thoughtful soul knowing I can never do justice to people who believed in me by a simple note of “thanks.” Your belief in me, tangible in time, effort, and money invested in me, will be the most cherished memory I will keep from my time in politics. And that memory will find a home in the grandest sepulcher of all, the heart of a man enriched by the service of others.

I did not reach our journey of U.S. Senate to have been able to return your service by serving America, again. But I am so much richer for having met you in your gift of faith in me. Please know I will remain indebted, always, for your trust that I might have served our country, honorably.

Thank you… and warmly,


A Note on the Local Use of Political Power in this Primary Season

by Lawrence Davidson

We know that in many cases political power corrupts. In the American political system some of the signs of corruption are:

1. A demand for obedience to the party or a party leader rather than the needs of the democratic electorate. One can actually see signs of this distortion if one notes that both U.S. parties have, in each house of Congress, a person aptly entitled the “party whip.” The “whip” assures uniform votes according to party dictates. There is little tolerance for independent judgment.

2. The use of money as a political weapon. This can be done by political bosses dispersing party money for or against primary candidates they favor or fear. In doing so their concern does not have to be the interests of the people in a state or district. Party money can go to a “good old boy” (or “girl”) who will follow party orders. And, of course, money can be used by outside special interests to buy the votes of politicians. 

3. The use of distortion or lying that turns the campaign season into the spewing of propaganda. This form of corruption brings media outlets in as accomplices. In the process most politicians, as well as most of the media mangers, show stark disregard for the truth or the distorted public consciousness brought about by their behavior.  

Unfortunately, we have just these signs of corruption in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary race for the Senate. One of those in the race is Joseph Sestak, who was a congressman from 2007 to 2011. During that time he acquired a good record of responding to constituent needs. He also earned a reputation as an independent actor who would not automatically follow the Democratic Party leadership’s commands. He has made it clear to the Democratic leaders in the Senate that he plans to maintain that independence. 

For months now Sestak has been working hard to gain public favor on a platform that emphasizes the integrity he displayed as a congressman and the need for honest responsiveness to the electorate. And it had worked. Polls showed him on the way to a solid primary victory and, building on that foundation, a likely victory over his Republican Party adversary. 

It was at this point that the corruptive, and petty, nature of power started to intrude. Continue reading

Do your job, Pat

from Joe Sestak, candidate for US Senate, 3/17/16

Yesterday, President Obama announced his nomination for the Supreme Court – and Pat Toomey announced he wouldn’t even consider the nomination. Instead, Toomey said he wants to “ensure that it is the next president, not the current president” who fills the vacancy – over 10 months from now. 

Filling a Supreme Court vacancy is about more than politics – it’s about the foundation of our democratic government. But Toomey wants to keep the seat vacant until 2017 for political reasons.

Consider this: if Toomey gets his way, our next president may be Donald Trump. That means one of President Trump’s first actions would be choosing a lifetime appointment to the highest Court in the country.

People have lost trust in government because of the overtly partisan machinations of obstructionists like Pat Toomey, who is unwilling to do his job in even considering the President’s nomination.

I’m running to restore trust in government by bringing accountable leadership to the Senate. I actually want to be accountable to the people above politics and be judged not for my intentions but by my deeds. And because of that message, the most recent polling has me within the margin of error against Toomey.

Please contribute today to elect a Senator who will not only do his job, but be accountable to the people.



Joe Sestak Walks Across Chester County on his way to Ohio!

Admiral Joe Sestak comes to Chester County!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.56.13 PM
“You may have heard by now that I have officially kicked off my campaign for the U.S. Senate by beginning my 422-mile walk across Pennsylvania, from New Jersey to the Ohio border. I’m doing this because I believe, as Scout recalls in To Kill a Mockingbird, You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.

Today (March 9) and tomorrow, Admiral Sestak will walk through Chester County, while also stopping for two events. First, at 10:00am today, Sestak will be hosting an event on women’s issues:

Crosslands Community Center
1660 E Street Rd
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Then, Sestak will walk 11 miles from Exton Square Mall in Exton, PA, to Gateway Park in Coatesville, PA, walking along Pottstown Pike and Business Route 30.

2015_0308Sestak422MileWalkAcrossPATomorrow at 10:00am (March 10), Sestak will be speaking in Coatesville:

Gateway Park
Corner of U.S. Routes 30 & 82
Coatesville, PA 19320

Sestak will then resume his journey walking along US Route 30 until he reaches Paradise Township in Lancaster County.

Admiral Sestak wants us to join him in his walk! Attend one of these events, then join Joe as he walks in our shoes over the next two days.

Chester County Democratic Committee
37 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19382

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Walk across the state with Joe Sestak


You may have heard by now that I have officially kicked off my campaign for the U.S. Senate by beginning my 422-mile walk across Pennsylvania, from New Jersey to the Ohio border. I’m doing this because I believe, as Scout recalls in To Kill a Mockingbird, “You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.”

Sunday, March 8, I traveled by foot through Delaware County in my walk to earn the people’s trust. Our event focused on seniors’ issues. If you can’t walk alongside me in person, please consider pledging $1 for each mile of this leg of the journey — please see the map below for a view of the route walked.


I’ll see you “on the road!”


Joe Sestak