Calling on Costello: Pass a Clean Dream Act! Jan. 19

Friday, Jan. 19, 11:30am to 1pm

Host: Concerned Constituent Action Group
Location: outside 21 W. Market Street, West Chester

On-street parking or the Bicentennial Parking Garage at 20 South High Street, West Chester.

DACA stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” and was an Obama executive order to protect undocumented people who arrived in the US as children. There was a bipartisan solution for these people called the DREAM Act but it never got out of congress.

In September, Trump refused to honor DACA and threatened to deport these innocent people who have not known any other home in their lives but the United States.

There continues to be bipartisan support for a DREAM act but it remains a political football that both parties have been using as leverage, meanwhile the lives of 800,000 people who consider themselves American remain in limbo.

Trump says that he will not sign any solution to DACA that doesn’t include funding for his border wall with Mexico (that he famously said Mexico would pay for). We already have 654 miles of border wall with Mexico and it’s an environmental disaster, disrupting critical ecosystems and exacerbating flooding where the wall acts as a dam. Even worse, many experts don’t think expanding the existing border wall will have any effect on illegal immigration. The last thing we want is to make things worse.

The continuing resolution that is keeping the government open expires January 19th and the Democrats are calling for a clean DREAM act while Donald Trump is muddying the water with his “sh*thole country” comments.

Rep. Ryan Costello has expressed his support for the DREAM Act in the past but we need him to speak up for a clean DREAM Act that doesn’t include funding for the wall.

West Chester council unanimously urges Costello to vote no on tax bill

by Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 12/16/17

“It’s nice to see that your colleagues on council are paying attention to the same things you are and everyone else is,” Galey said. “We’re all watching the news.

“It’s great to have a collaborative team that feels very strongly about these issues.”

All seven borough council members are Democrats.

Councilman Michael Stefano, W4, said that issues on the federal level are more often decided by partisan politics.

“At the local level we don’t make decisions Democrat or Republican,” Stefano said. “We’re thinking more locally with our constituents in mind because we’re not thinking along party lines.”

Galey noted in the letter that Costello has voted against the party in the past with votes favoring the ACA and to preserve CHIP….

read more at Daily Local News

Sit-in Dec. 7 at Rep. Costello’s office

A few of the 15 protesters this morning sitting in Rep. Costello’s (R-PA 06) West Chester office demanding that he vote against the GOP tax bill that gives tax cuts to the wealthy while hurting students, the sick, and the elderly. They have pledged not to leave until Costello commits to a No vote. For more on the GOP tax scheme, see Molly Sheehan, “Open Letter to Rep. Pat Meehan on the GOP Tax Plan.”

Trump’s Tax Scam: rally and background

CALLING ON COSTELLO: Trump’s Tax Scam, Part Deux

Date: Oct 27, 2017, 11:30am to 1pm
Host: Concerned Constituent Action Group
Location: 21 W. Market Street, West Chester

Despite all the other news coming from the current administration and our own representative, the Republican tax plan is so heinous that we need to continue to protest against Trump’s tax scheme yet again this week. Bring your top hats, Monopoly money, monocles, and handlebar mustaches.


1) The top tax rate will come down, the bottom rate will go up. Tax deductions used by the middle class will be eliminated. The national debt is projected to increase by $1 Trillion. Some estimate POTUS will save $1 Billion. What a great plan… if you are mega wealthy!

2) Do you save for your retirement with a 401K plan? They want to tax the money you pay into your retirement fund UP FRONT, and not when you withdraw it when you are retired and have a lower taxable income. See here.

We are going to call this by its real name: more wealth for the wealthy. And we want to declare “not one penny”!! Not one penny in cuts to rich people taxes! Not one penny stolen from our Treasury. We need every penny for health care, social security, hurricane relief and diplomacy around the world. Come join us in a rally and send letters, faxes, emails and phone calls to say ” not one penny!”

SEEKING ANSWERS: Leaders call on Costello to explain his vote to cut EPA’s budget

By Fran Maye, Daily Local News [online only in e-paper], 9/30/17

“Without the EPA’s protection, communities would be unable to argue that our constitutional rights to a clean environment should be protected. We need to set the example and demand that our legislators stand up for the environmental rights that our laws allow.” — Carol Armstrong, The Way Forward

WEST CHESTER » In a rally at the old courthouse Friday afternoon, community leaders called on U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello (R6th Dist.) to answer for his vote to cut $800 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Interior’s budgets.

State Rep. Carolyn Comitta speaks to a crowd in West Chester on Friday, calling on U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello to answer for his vote to cut $800 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Interior’s budgets.

“As a former county commissioner, I am sure Congressman Costello knows Chester County has a strong record supporting environmental protection,” said Diane LeBold, West Chester council president. “But with his vote to cut the EPA budget, it is clear Congressman Costello has fallen in line with those who are answering to a different constituency – the powerful corporations who are jumping at the chance to take apart the EPA and block enforcement of existing regulations. This is very disturbing. I am here to tell Mr. Costello and his colleagues in Congress that they are fighting a losing battle.”

State Rep. Carolyn Comitta told the crowd they can take action by writing to their local lawmakers, and to join her in the fight to protect the environment.

“Our DEP has seen funding and staff cuts over the last several years that seriously hinders their ability to do their job,” Comitta said. “The potential harm to our streams, groundwater and air from lack of consistent enforcement pose serious public health hazards.”

Dianne Herrin, chair of the West Chester’s sustainability advisory committee, said climate change is real, evidenced by recent natural disasters.

“We are facing complete federal inaction on climate change,” she said. “The reality is at the federal level we are going backwards and yet we are in a time of environmental crisis. Think about what has happened in the past few months….

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100 years later

Today is Women’s Equality Day. I know, you’re probably thinking, “it seems like every day is a holiday for one thing or the other!”

Well, this isn’t national donut day or dog day, today actually marks the anniversary of the 19th amendment — which officially granted women the right to vote.

The work of the suffragettes and generations of activists that followed are a constant source of inspiration for the work left to be done to achieve equality. But in this era, their work has taken on an added significance as we fight to protect the progress we’ve made.

The two photos above were taken 100 years apart, and while a lot has changed in that time, there should be no doubt that the fight for equality continues today.

We’re still fighting for voting rights, reproductive rights, and equal pay for equal work. That’s why it’s crucial we have women at the table as these decisions get made. Take Pennsylvania — ZERO of our 20 representatives in Congress are women. I’m in this race to change that.

Will you support our campaign to bring a fresh perspective to Washington?

There’s work to be done,


On Congress and division

from our special correspondent

The shooting in northern Virginia is horrifying. But not because the targets were lawmakers, but because they were human beings.

It was only one of three mass shootings that day in the United States – and this is the shocking norm.

Now is not the time to point fingers or claim that partisan politics are to blame. Millions of angry or disappointed Americans cannot understand the gross governmental dysfunction, or why their elected representatives are not laboring to make life better in the United States but rather only serve special interests.

Congress must drop the partisan rhetoric, the divisive language. A society that promotes the gulf between haves and have nots, those who are entitled and those who are disenfranchised; those who are white and those who are of color, is a tinderbox.

Will we continue toward a police state or a republic?

Off the Sidelines endorses Houlahan in 2018

Big news! In the last few weeks, we have received endorsements from VoteVets and Plumbers Local 690. Today, we’re excited to add Off the Sidelines to our growing list of endorsements!

Off the Sidelines is a growing national organization founded by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that supports women candidates. This is huge news for our campaign.

Help us spread the word about the endorsement. Share this post with your friends on Facebook today.

In their endorsement, Senator Gillibrand discussed Chrissy’s leadership, saying:

“Throughout her career that included service in the U.S. Air Force, growing and running three small businesses, and working as an educator, Chrissy has demonstrated her service to our nation. We need more women like Chrissy in Congress to cut through the partisan politics and focus on getting things done and helping people. Chrissy has a proven track record of creating good paying jobs through her work as COO of And1 Basketball and through her work as the founding COO of B-Lab, a nonprofit that promotes B Corporations and good business practices, and Off the Sidelines is proud to endorse her campaign for Congress.”

It’s exactly that type of experience that makes Chrissy the best candidate for the job — and today, Off the Sidelines made that clear.

Thanks for your help,

Team Chrissy

Friday: Anti-Trump Protest Slated at West Chester Offices of Rep. Costello

By Justin Heinze, West Chester Patch, February 2, 2017

Demonstrators will protest President Trump’s immigration orders in front of U.S. Rep. Costello’s office in West Chester Friday.

WEST CHESTER, PA — Demonstrators will protest President Trump’s immigration orders in front of U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello’s office in West Chester Friday.

The organizing group is called the Costello Constituent Action Group, which has a stated purpose of “demanding that our elected official, Congressman Ryan Costello, take a stronger stance against the discriminatory EO (executive order) against immigration.”…

read more at West Chester Patch

More details: Friday February 3rd: Join the Costello Constituent Action Group for a demonstration at Representative Ryan Costello’s West Chester office. Look for the group at the corner of Market and High, 11:30 am-1pm.

Mission: To protest, speak with staff and hand deliver our letters.

Details: We will protest outside as a large group, then rotate into the office in small groups to speak with staff and deliver letters.

Please bring: Signs and personal letters regarding the following executive orders:
“Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals”
“Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements”