Dianne Herrin wins mayoral primary

from WCDem chair Stephanie Markstein:

Congratulations to Dianne on her primary win! She did an outstanding job and should be commended on her efforts. Let it also be said that the Democratic Party in West Chester had three hard-working candidates. Thanks to Cassandra Jones and Kyle Hudson for their contributions of integrity and effort in this primary. May we continue to work towards a better community and be united in our vision as we look towards the fall.

See more on this primary in “Dianne Herrin wins Democratic Primary for West Chester mayor” by Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 5/17/17:

WEST CHESTER >> Voters overwhelmingly gave the nod for mayor on the Democratic ballot to Dianne Herrin in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Herrin received 756 votes or 61 percent of the tally. Cassandra Jones was second with 286 votes, or 23 percent, and Kyle Hudson placed third with 182 votes, or almost 15 percent.

All election results are unofficial until verified by the county board of elections.

No Republican candidate was listed on the primary ballot. Herrin will likely run unopposed in November during the General Election, unless a write-in candidate surfaces from the Grand Old Party.

Herrin will likely succeed Mayor Jordan Norley, who was chosen by borough council to serve as interim mayor. He is completing the final eight months of Carolyn Comitta’s term and decided not to run for a full term. Comitta was elected as a Democratic state representative for the 156th Legislative District in 2016, after a lengthy recount.

Herrin is vice president of a local West Chester-based energy consulting firm. She has a history as an environmentalist, was the only mayoral candidate endorsed by the Sierra Club and worked on the borough’s climate action plan….

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Close Races

Candidates need your vote; your local and state governments need your vote; your nation needs your vote. You choose who you want to run your government, your democracy. “If you stay home, you’re voting for the other side.”

West Chester has eight (8) precincts. Mayor Comitta’s 23-vote-win in the 2009 Primary meant that if just three people (3) from each precinct stayed home, she would have lost.

If you stay at home, you’re voting for the other side. So, don’t vote for the other side. Get up, get dressed, and go to your polling place, which is open from 7AM to 8PM.

This is what your vote means — why each vote counts …

  • 2000, WC Borough Council President, Ward 2, Diane LeBold tied the general election and won by a coin toss. She is now President of Borough Council.
  • 2006, State Representative, 156th District, Barbara McIlvaine Smith, won the general election by 28 votes.
  • 2009, Mayor, Borough of West Chester, Carolyn Comitta won the primary election by 23 votes.
  • 2015, Magisterial District Justice, Marion Vito won the general election by 44 votes.
  • 2016, State Representative, 156th District, Carolyn Comitta won the general election by 25 votes.

So, don’t vote for the other side. Get up, get dressed, and go to your polling place.

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Norley tapped as new West Chester mayor

by Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 4/14/17

WEST CHESTER >>Jordan Norley will replace Carolyn Comitta as mayor of the borough.

At a special meeting Thursday night, West Chester Borough Council also picked businessman Bernard Flynn to fill in through December for retired councilman Jim Jones in Ward 6.

Comitta resigned as mayor with about eight months left on her term after she won election to the state Legislature a representative for the 156th District….

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Borough Council to interview appointment candidates 4/13: Mayor and ward 6

April 13: Special Meeting to interview and perhaps appoint 6th Ward Representative and Mayor to serve out 2017 terms.

See resumes here.

Interim Mayor Interviews 6:00 p.m. – Holly Brown 6:15 p.m. – Kyle Hudson 6:30 p.m. – Tom Chambers 6:45 p.m. – Jordan Norley 7:00 p.m. – Deliberation and possible action on appointment

Ward 6 Council Representative Interviews 7:15 p.m. – Bernard Flynn 7:30 p.m. – Dale Frens 7:45 p.m. – Eugene Goldman 8:00 p.m. Deliberation and possible action on appointment

401 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380

‘House’-hold Name: Former West Chester Mayor Comitta looks back – & ahead to rep’s job

by Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 4/1/17

WEST CHESTER >> The world is full of lovers and fighters.

Former borough councilwoman, mayor and newly elected state Rep. Carolyn Comitta, D-156, is both. There’s a small bit of fighter in her DNA, but she loves helping people, which is what propelled her into public service.

The first thing you notice when entering Comitta’s new office is a pair of boxing gloves sitting on her desk.

The gloves were a gift from her husband, Tom Comitta, a town planner.

“A year after I became mayor, I realized that I had a lot of work to do,” she said. “I went to Tom and said, ‘It’s time to put on the boxing gloves.’”

When children visit they often want to know about the gloves.

“I put them on the desk to remind me to fight for the best interests of the citizens and to remind me that it sometimes takes a lot of effort to move forward,” Comitta said.

Comitta stepped down from her seat as West Chester Mayor March 15 after serving as the leader of the borough for almost eight years.

A one-term councilmember and two-term mayor, she is proudest of her ability to bring people together for collaboration….

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Former Councilwoman Cassandra Jones announces West Chester mayoral bid

By Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 3/01/17

WEST CHESTER >> Cassandra Jones, a former two-term West Chester councilwoman, has announced her candidacy for mayor of West Chester.

“I think I am the best qualified candidate,” said Jones, who completed her second four-year term as a member of West Chester Borough Council, representing Ward 2, in December of 2015. “I want to continue to work on issues I have been working on for the past eight years, and to make sure there are financial resources available to all the wards.”

During her first term, Jones worked with borough colleagues on many projects including successfully closing a $1 million budget deficit without borrowing from reserve funds, resulting in a balanced budget for 2012.

In her last four-year term, voter registrations increased by 41 percent in Ward 2, representing the largest increase in any ward in the borough. She worked with citizens, borough officials and business leaders to develop the recently approved 10-year comprehensive plan. She has also worked to determine the best redevelopment ideas for the Wyeth property.

Since the mayor oversees the police department, Jones said Police Chief Scott Bohn has done a great job, but she would like to see a bit more diversity….

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Environment is priority

Letter published in Daily Local News, 3/6/17 (not online there)

Heartfelt thanks to Carolyn Comitta, who always stands up for the health of her community. In September of 2015 when the spraying of Marshall Square Park with the pesticide Permanone was imminent, Carolyn responded to a petition signed by over 400 Borough residents asking for a delay in the application of this pesticide to our beautiful community.

Carolyn spoke with the Health Department and negotiated a waiting and fact finding period. And spraying was not conducted.

Carolyn then spearheaded a task force with representation from across the community, from borough government and the county Health Department to work together on this issue. With her support, we launched the West Chester Borough Don’t Spray Me organization to educate citizens about eliminating standing water and reducing mosquito breeding spots. We recruited 116 block captains to work with their neighbors. We were able to reduce the number of mosquitoes and we did not get sprayed last summer.

Carolyn Comitta expressed confidence in us, her constituents, and with her help and support, we succeeded. The number of mosquitoes in West Chester last summer was significantly lower than during the preceding summer and so the Health Department did not spray.

The task force is still at work with a goal of creating an outline for other communities to use in addressing mosquito and spraying challenges. In 2017 new Don’t Spray Me chapters are forming in East Bradford, West Goshen and Westtown Townships.

Thank you Carolyn for listening to your constituents and for making environmental concerns a top priority. Thank you too for being a masterful negotiator who can bring us all together to solve problems.

Margaret Hudgings, West Chester

Kyle Hudson announces candidacy for West Chester mayor

by Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 2/20/17

WEST CHESTER >> Kyle Hudson, local business owner and co-founder of the West Chester Cinco de Mayo Festival, has announced his candidacy for mayor of West Chester.

“Bringing people together is what it’s all about, and that’s why I am running for mayor of West Chester,” Hudson said Sunday at his official campaign launch event at Fenn’s Coffee Shop. “I’ve been involved in town for a long time, but I thought being involved in politics was bad for business. Today, I know that’s no longer an option.”

Hudson, a Democrat, told the crowd he knows what it’s like to build community.

“Just a little over three years ago I was waiting tables right down the street,” he said. “Then I got on a TV show and won a whole bunch of money. That money allowed me to get involved in our community in a way that just wasn’t possible before.”

In 2015, Hudson worked with members of West Chester’s Mexican community to host a family-friendly Cinco de Mayo Festival, with preparations underway for the festival’s third year. Hudson is also a central member of the Charles A. Melton Center’s “#PoolTogether” initiative, a project that aims to renovate the center’s swimming pool….

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Dianne Herrin announces candidacy for West Chester mayor

by Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 2/19/17

WEST CHESTER >> Dianne Herrin, vice president of a West Chester-based energy consulting firm and a 17-year borough resident, has announced her candidacy for mayor.

“Like so many women and men who are rising up to engage in our democracy, I cannot sit down. I believe — as I have demonstrated for more than a decade through my service to West Chester — that a healthy democracy begins at home,” said Herrin, who is a Democratic candidate.

Herrin will officially announce her candidacy next Sunday, Feb. 26 at 11 a.m. on the campus of West Chester University. She is vice president of Practical Energy Solutions, a borough-based energy consulting firm, and has served the borough in many volunteer capacities for more than a decade.

Herrin’s platform focuses on tapping into her knowledge of West Chester, relationships with diverse borough citizens and leaders, and managerial experience to fill the important mayoral role as administrative head of the police department.

She will also continue her ongoing commitment to preserve the borough’s historic character and environmental health, and she plans to work with everyone to support West Chester’s local economy while preserving its neighborhoods. …

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