Country on Wrong Track, Say People Who Did Not Vote

By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker, 10 November 14

he United States of America is on the wrong track and no one is taking action to fix it, says a broad majority of registered voters who did not vote last Tuesday.

According to a new survey, anger, frustration, and a pervasive view that the nation is moving in a fatal direction dominated the mood of those who were doing something other than voting on Election Day.

Exit polls involving election non-participants took place as they left malls, nail salons, gyms, and other locations where no voting occurred on Tuesday.

“The system is broken,” said Carol Foyler, thirty-one, a democracy abstainer from Akron, Ohio. “We need to come up with some way that ordinary citizens can make their voices heard and have some impact on who is running things in Washington.”

The economy, jobs, and terrorism topped the list of worries that are preying on the minds of the non-voting electorate.

“I find it difficult to sleep at night worrying about the kind of country we are leaving to our children and our children’s children,” said Mark Gardziak, forty-seven, who spent Election Day shopping for a phone.

While pessimism about the future dominated the comments of the sixty-three per cent of American voters who elected not to exercise their democratic rights on Tuesday, some expressed a glimmer of hope.

“The one way things could get better is if we all get together and throw out the crooked politicians,” offered Tess Shardin, thirty-eight, who said she was unlikely to vote in 2016.


Alienating a State From East to West: Tom Corbett’s Troubled Tenure in Pennsylvania

By TOM FERRICK Jr., New York Times opinion, 10/20/14. Excerpt reminding us of one issue among many:

…Just as the governor was spending millions trying to convince voters that he is a solid, competent guy, out popped a revelation that state officials had a sort of an unofficial club that involved trading pornographic photos and videos. They did it using government emails on company time. How dumb is that?

It started while Mr. Corbett was attorney general, and it involved officials in his department, some of whom moved on to become aides and department heads when Mr. Corbett became governor. …

read the full analysis at New York Times

Dan Truitt’s record on environment (33%/100%)

Many legislators like to talk about their concern for environment, but how about their votes?

Clean Water Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Sierra Club have compiled the the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard.

The report comments: “This legislative session was notable for the large number of attacks on environmental protection. The PA House of Representatives generated most of this anti-environmental legislation.”

Dan Truitt, PA House-156, is no exception. Here are the votes considered in the report in the 2013–2014 session. Bill descriptions are those of the report, not the official ones, which usually obscure the true intent of bills.

+ = Pro-environment vote
– = Anti-environment vote
X = Absent

– Green Buildings (HB 34 – Final Passage)
+ Corporate Tax Credits for Gas (HB 301- Final Passage)
+ More Tax Credits for Gas (HB 305 – Final Passage
– Creating Loopholes for Gas (HB 307 – Final Passage)
– Sewage in Our Streams (HB 1325)
– Ignoring the Health Impacts of Fracking (SB 259 – Amendment A2700)
– Creating Municipal Stormwater Authorities (SB 351)
+ Encouraging Good Stormwater Management (SB 1255 – Final Passage)
– Selling Our Parks to Drillers – Step 1 (HB 2328 – The Budget)
+ Selling Our Parks to Drillers – Step 2 (HB 278 – The Fiscal Code – Concurrence)
– Blocking Clean Power (HB 2354 – Final Passage)
– “Providing for potential pollution” (HB 1565 – Final Passage)

His overall score: a paltry 33% out of a possible 100%.

Governor Corbett’s Plan for Education – It’s not good for Pennsylvania’s children, parents and teachers!

from CCDC, 10/10/14

From the time he took office in early 2011, it’s clear that Tom Corbett had a very different plan for public education that matched the extreme agenda set forth by the Tea Party: starve public education, break teacher unions, kill state pensions, and privatize our schools with a voucher system….

read more at CCDC

May 20th primary results

Congratulations to West Chester Dems chair Stephanie Markstein on her election and former chair Bill Scott on his re-election to the Democratic State Committee! Stephanie led the 4 women winners and Bill the 4 men winners. (The State Committee election takes place at the primary but is itself definitive; the term is for 4 years.

For full results of this and all races see CCDC.

What does the Democratic State Committee do? The word “leadership” comes up regularly in the job description at here.