Why should YOU vote on Tuesday?

Thank you to all who voted in the exciting November election, when Democratic candidates won 4 countywide offices for the first time ever, giving us a much more politically balanced County government.

And now: Why should YOU vote in the May 15 primary election?

  1. To help choose Dem candidates. Long-serving Chesco Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, known for her respectful values and exemplary public service, is in a tight 5-person race for Lieutenant Governor. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have one of our neighbors (Kathi and her family live in Exton) as a statewide leader who would do a great job for all the people of our state?
  2. And Carolyn Comitta, our former mayor and now our representative in Harrisburg, asks us to pass along to you: “It is really important to vote for Carolyn in the primary because every vote counts! We won by 25 votes in 2016 and we will need strong support to secure a win in 2018!”
  3. To send the message that West Chester, Chester County, and Pennsylvania are not on board with Trumpism.
  4. To choose 8 members of the PA State Dem Committee to represent Chester County in Dem party deliberations.  See http://chescodems.org/2018-candidates/ (at the end) and download the 2-page handout there.
  5.  To join your community as we all proudly wear stickers that say, “I VOTED TOAY!”

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