Help Chrissy by tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night is our first major fundraising deadline of 2018. Here is why it is important:

In the coming weeks we’ll need to make critical budgeting decisions as we head into petitioning season and get Chrissy’s name on the ballot. If we miss tomorrow’s fundraising deadline, we may have to scale back our plans.

Speaker Paul Ryan knows the fate of his House majority lies in our district — that is why his super PAC already set up a field office here and why he’s gearing up to spend whatever it takes to defeat us.

It can sound intimidating, but Nathaniel, they’re panicked for a reason. We have a real shot of flipping this critical battleground district and electing Chrissy, not just because she’s a strong candidate, but also because of all of you.

We can’t control the dark money that’s sure to funnel in to back Costello. What we can control is whether we have the resources we need to run a first-rate campaign, and that starts by hitting tomorrow night’s fundraising goal. We’re still $3,883 behind.

Make a donation of any amount to move us toward our critical goal.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Our race has been named a tipping point district for the House majority. What happens here will either spell victory or defeat for Democrats across the country. Let’s make sure we come out on top.


Campaign Manager
Chrissy Houlahan for Congress


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