The Monster with the Cane

from CCDC, 1/16/18

Right back where we were 13 years ago!

The witness, on the left, is George W. Bush, identifying the criminal in a police lineup. The “Bush tax cuts” of 2001 and 2003 led to increasing deficits and calls to modify the Social Security program. In his State of the Union address on 2/2/05, Bush proposed partially privatizing Social Security; the cartoon pictured below was published on 2/21/05. The American people received the idea with skepticism and in 2006 voted Republicans out of power in both houses of Congress. Same lineup today, same plans* by the Party of Trump, and Dems hope for the same electoral result in 2018 as in 2006.

*See, for example, Charlie May, “Paul Ryan aims for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security cuts in 2018: Ryan cited debt concerns as the reason for spending cuts, days after GOP passes tax plan projected to hike deficit,” Salon, 12/7/17


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