Dianne Herrin for Mayor of West Chester Happy Hour Fundraiser

from Dianne Herrin, Dem candidate for Mayor of West Chester:

I am hosting a Happy Hour Fundraiser this Wednesday 9/27 from 5:30-8:00 pm at Saloon 151, 151 West Gay Street, West Chester. This election presents a very clear choice for West Chester’s next mayor, and I need your support.

Three words sum up my platform: Quality of life. I believe in economic vitality and redevelopment in the town center. But I also believe in balance. Our charm is our brand, and we need to preserve our historic fabric and be sure redevelopment is both smart and synergistic. I also believe in shared prosperity. We need to preserve our neighborhoods, protect against noise, vandalism and landlord abuse of rental properties, implement environmental and community-based programs that protect our health, strengthen our resilience, and empower our entire community economically, and practice a strong commitment to equity and basic human decency.

I need your help because my yard signs are being stolen and defaced, and we just placed a new order because I am not going to idly stand by. We are replacing every sign that gets stolen.

Join me on Wednesday! Free appetizers, cash bar, and great conversation about the things we care about. Click for event details here.

See you Wednesday!

Thank you,
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