We Celebrate Labor and our Workforce

Message from the CCDC Chair, 9/4/17

The Chester County Democratic Committee Wishes you a Happy and Safe Labor Day

It’s perhaps easy for us in the midst of holiday celebrations and the current political turmoil to forget what Labor Day is all about. Remember – the Labor Union movement brought us: the weekend (!), the 40-hour work week, fair wages and relative income equality (when most workers actually belonged to a union, that is), widespread employer-based health coverage, overtime pay, child labor laws, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. So thank a Union Member today!

We welcome Yolanda Van de Krol to our Chester County Row Office Slate of candidates

Yolanda is a longtime Paoli resident and Philadelphia-area bank executive planning to bring her administrative background, extensive volunteering experience, time and energy to the office of the Clerk of Courts. She replaces Maria Crossan, who withdrew her name in mid-August (our thanks to Maria for her efforts). Yolanda joins Treasurer candidate Pat Maisano, Margaret Reif for Controller and Christina Van de Pol for Coroner, our other incredibly talented and experienced candidates for Chester County row seats….

read more at CCDC


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