100 years later

Today is Women’s Equality Day. I know, you’re probably thinking, “it seems like every day is a holiday for one thing or the other!”

Well, this isn’t national donut day or dog day, today actually marks the anniversary of the 19th amendment — which officially granted women the right to vote.

The work of the suffragettes and generations of activists that followed are a constant source of inspiration for the work left to be done to achieve equality. But in this era, their work has taken on an added significance as we fight to protect the progress we’ve made.

The two photos above were taken 100 years apart, and while a lot has changed in that time, there should be no doubt that the fight for equality continues today.

We’re still fighting for voting rights, reproductive rights, and equal pay for equal work. That’s why it’s crucial we have women at the table as these decisions get made. Take Pennsylvania — ZERO of our 20 representatives in Congress are women. I’m in this race to change that.

Will you support our campaign to bring a fresh perspective to Washington?

There’s work to be done,



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