Dear Senator Toomey: Please show the courage of moral conviction

from our Special Correspondent in West Chester

Dear Senator Toomey:

Please show the courage of moral conviction. It not only is wrong, it is irresponsible to rush through a health care bill that has not been properly scrutinized, when you yourself do not know the long-term implications of the legislation.

The Congressional Budget Office predicts 22 million Americans will lose insurance if the Republican Bill goes through. Millions will lose Medicaid – and they aren’t the mythical “welfare queens,” they are hard-working Americans, blue collar workers, teachers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, who are old, retired and whose savings run out.

And major urban hospitals will run budget deficits treating people at ERs who have no insurance.

All of these consequences are not “conservative,” they are not “Christian” and they are not smart.

As the New York Times has reported: “Obamacare is Not Collapsing, Imploding or Exploding.”

Please do the right thing. The AFA may need fixing. You should work cooperatively, across the aisle, to reach a solution.


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