Administration by smokescreens

from a contributor in the Borough

This is an administration by smokescreens. The President screamed that there was “voter fraud” (where the evidence is that any voting errors had a de minimus effect on the election) so that Republicans have an excuse for restrictions that discourage the minority vote. That’s a trick of the old post-Civil War South. 

The President screamed about illegal immigrants and attempted to ban immigrants from Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq who he claimed threatened the U.S. But that was simply to distract Americans from the fact that he is doing business with Saudi Arabia — the native country of the majority of 9/11 terrorists, and with United Arab Emirates.

He screamed that President Obama had wiretapped his New York office. But that pile of bunk was just to distract us from the number of people in his campaign who were in direct contact with Russian agents. 

No more smokescreens!


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