Posted by: Webmaster | May 14, 2017

Close Races

This is what your vote means — why each vote counts…

  • 2000, WC Borough Council President, Ward 2, Diane LeBold tied the general election and won by a coin toss.
  • 2006, State Representative, 156th District, Barbara McIlvaine Smith, won the general election by 28 votes.
  • 2009, Mayor, Borough of West Chester, Carolyn Comitta won the Democratic Primary election by 23 votes.
  • 2015, Magisterial District Justice, Marion Vito won the general election by 44 votes.
  • 2016, State Representative, 156th District, Carolyn Comitta won the general election by 25 votes.

West Chester has eight (8) precincts. Mayor Comitta’s 23 votes in 2009 meant that if just three people (3) from each precinct stayed home, she would have lost.

So, candidates need your vote; your local and state governments need your vote; your nation needs your vote. You choose who you want to run your democracy. “If you stay home, you’re voting for the other side.”


  1. And in 2000, Diane LeBold tied in the general election for Borough Council in ward 2. Diane won the coin toss; she is now President of Borough Council.

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