2017 Candidates on your May 16 West Chester Democratic Ballot

For statewide (judges), countywide (row offices), and Magisterial District Judge candidates, see CCDC.

Borough Wards 3, 6, and 7 include the Dem candidate for Magisterial District Judge, Bret Binder (Facebook here). Note that MDJ candidates can crossfile; thus Bret’s opponent, a Republican, is on the Dem ballot. Wards 1, 2, 4, and 5 have no MDJ race this year.

The Dem candidate for School Board Director (region 1) is incumbent Joyce Chester. For more on Joyce, see West Goshen Dems’ candidate page.

There will be 3 candidates for mayor on the ballot (the WC Dem Committee has not made an endorsement):

Dianne Herrin  Website  Facebook
Kyle Hudson  Website  Facebook
Cassandra Jones Website Facebook

There are 4 Borough Council races. The endorsed (and only) Dem candidates are all currently serving:
Ward 1: Bill Scott
Ward 3: Mike Galey
Ward 5: Don Braceland
Ward 7: Denise Polk

Ward 7 also has a SPECIAL ELECTION to fill out the remainder of that Borough Council term, through this year. Please write in Denise M. Polk.

There are also contests for Judge of Elections and Inspector of Elections. In some precincts your committeepersons or candidates may ask you to write in a name if there is none printed on the ballot.

You can download the official ballot specimens in all Chesco precincts here (West Chester’s 8 precincts are at the end of the download). Your committeeperson should be bringing you a sample ballot marked to show our recommendations. Order of names on the ballot is determined by lottery, not by alphabetical order.

FYI, according to the WC Dem bylaws, “In a primary election, all committeepersons may publicly support primary candidates of their choice” (V.6). However, committeepersons in each precinct agree on one joint committeeperson handout to voters. The winner of each race becomes our official endorsed candidate in the November 7 general election.

Be an informed voter! Please read handouts carefully and talk to your committeepersons and candidates or their representatives at the polls.


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