Kyle Hudson announces candidacy for West Chester mayor

by Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 2/20/17

WEST CHESTER >> Kyle Hudson, local business owner and co-founder of the West Chester Cinco de Mayo Festival, has announced his candidacy for mayor of West Chester.

“Bringing people together is what it’s all about, and that’s why I am running for mayor of West Chester,” Hudson said Sunday at his official campaign launch event at Fenn’s Coffee Shop. “I’ve been involved in town for a long time, but I thought being involved in politics was bad for business. Today, I know that’s no longer an option.”

Hudson, a Democrat, told the crowd he knows what it’s like to build community.

“Just a little over three years ago I was waiting tables right down the street,” he said. “Then I got on a TV show and won a whole bunch of money. That money allowed me to get involved in our community in a way that just wasn’t possible before.”

In 2015, Hudson worked with members of West Chester’s Mexican community to host a family-friendly Cinco de Mayo Festival, with preparations underway for the festival’s third year. Hudson is also a central member of the Charles A. Melton Center’s “#PoolTogether” initiative, a project that aims to renovate the center’s swimming pool….

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