Does Donald Trump Think Frederick Douglass is Alive? Douglass’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson Clarifies

DemocracyNow!, 2/3/17

The good news is that President Donald Trump opened Black History Month by mentioning the renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The bad news is he doesn’t seem to realize he’s dead. Speaking at a Black History Month event on Wednesday, Trump’s comments suggested he thought Douglass was alive. Douglass was born into slavery around 1818 and died in 1895. We set the record straight with our guest, Kenneth Morris Jr., great-great-great-grandson of Frederick Douglass, and feature an excerpt of James Earl Jones reading one of his most famous speeches, “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro.”…

keep reading at DemocracyNow! and hear interview with Douglass’s descendant. It sounds as if Sean Spicer doesn’t who Douglass was either. Douglass’s last public speech was in West Chester a couple of weeks before his death in 1895; a fine statue of Douglass was inaugurated in 2013 on the WCU campus (more at Daily Local News).



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