November 7, 2017: GENERAL ELECTION Candidates on your West Chester Democratic Ballot

Short version: we urge you to vote Straight Democratic by blacking that oval on your ballot. But in any case, you need to turn your ballot over for more votes (see below, at the end).

For information on 2017 candidates who are on all General Election ballots in Chester County, see here for countywide “row offices” and statewide judges.

For MDJ and others on the General Election ballot in West Chester, keep reading here:

Borough Council Ward 1: Bill Scott (incumbent).

Borough Council Ward 2: no race (Diane LeBold continues in office).

Borough Council Ward 3: Mike Galey (incumbent).

Borough Council Ward 4: Mike Stefano (incumbent).

Borough Council Ward 5: Don Braceland (incumbent).

Borough Council Ward 6: Bernard J. Flynn (incumbent).

Borough Council Ward 7: Denise Polk (incumbent).

Mayor: Dianne Herrin
(website, Facebook)

Magisterial District Judge: Bret Binder (wards 3, 6, 7 only)
Interview on YouTube

School Board Director (region 1): Joyce Chester (incumbent).
For more on Joyce, see the West Goshen Dems’ candidate page. Interview on YouTube.

Be sure to turn your ballot over for further votes, including more municipal positions. There, we also urge you to vote YES to retain Judge Debra Todd (that is not included in a straight Dem vote).

And we urge you to vote NO on the ballot question: “PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AMENDING THE HOMESTEAD PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT EXCLUSION.” Although the (highly remote) possibility of eliminating property tax is enticing to homeowners, it is obvious that the state legislature, which can’t even pass a funded budget 3+ months late, will never be able to make up the difference if “local taxing authorities” decide to cut back on property taxes. This proposed constitutional amendment is just a thinly veiled plan to turn out anti-government anti-tax voters and to pave the way toward dismantling public education in favor of charter and private schools.