Dem’s LEAD in Pa. House race grows — to 26 votes for W.C. Mayor Carolyn Comitta

by Michaelle Bond, STAFF WRITER @MichaelleBond

West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta said Friday her lead in the race for a Chester County state House seat has increased — from 18, to 26 votes.

Obeying a county judge’s order, the county’s Department of Voter Services unsealed and counted 14 contested provisional ballots. Eleven were for Comitta, a Democrat, and three went to incumbent Republican state Rep. Dan Truitt, she said.

Comitta had argued every eligible vote should count and appealed to Chester County Court to force Voter Services to count 15 provisional ballots the department said were ineligible.

County officials said that 14 of the voter-registration applications had arrived too late. Another voter was registered in another county. Judge Jacqueline Cody concurred on the 15th voter, but not the others.

It was not known whether Truitt would ask for a recount as he had previously said he would. The three-term legislator has not responded to requests for comment.

More than 36,000 votes were cast in the race in the November election.


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