Grateful — Mayor Comitta

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we are bustling around traveling, cooking and turning our thoughts to being together with family and friends. I want to take a moment to share with you some of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

– Family and dear friends who are there for me and love me no matter what.

– A West Chester community that affirms and stands up for the dignity of all people. (See our Greater West Chester Code of Community Values and Pledge.)

– Borough Council and Township Boards of Supervisors who are committed to listening to the people and making decisions that will improve our communities for all.

– Our Democracy that isn’t perfect, but that relies on our talents, vigilance, hard work and resilience to ensure our country is place of opportunity and justice for of all.

– Every voter who cast a ballot in the November election – regular, provisional, absentee, oversea seas and military – every vote counts!!

– My campaign staff and volunteers who have worked diligently over the last year, and most recently to monitor, challenge, lobby and ensure that every valid vote cast will be counted in our race for the 156th District!

– You – I am grateful for you – for the many (often quiet, kind and significant) ways you make our community and the lives of our neighbors better every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Warmest wishes,


PS Here is an update on the ongoing race for the 156th:


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