UNBELIEVABLE OPPORTUNITY! Come meet Governor Wolf & Senator Casey in West Chester!

Governor Wolf, Senator Casey, and Attorney General candidate Josh Shapiro really need Carolyn Comitta in Harrisburg!! So, they are coming to West Chester Sunday at noon to show their support and to encourage everyone to help Carolyn get over the top.

Volunteers for Carolyn should not miss this exclusive opportunity to meet our governor and senator, before heading out to canvass for Carolyn. If you were thinking about helping Carolyn with canvassing or phone banking, this is the time to come out and devote 2 hours to the campaign.

Please RSVP to ComittaCampaign@gmail.com and let us know you will be there for Carolyn. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet our leaders, and help elect our next State Representative.

Every day, voters are telling Carolyn that Harrisburg is broken, and needs someone with her skills to bring people together. As your State Representative, Carolyn Comitta will be a leader who gets things done. Please share with your friends if you agree!! In case you had any doubts, we need YOU to HELP! We need to elect the best people from the White House to the State House.

Again, that’s ComittaCampaign@gmail.com. We’re waiting to hear from YOU!!

Please help Carolyn win this race. She is working hard, meeting new neighbors and new supporters, but she cannot do it alone. Please find a few hours to help put Carolyn over the top. She will always be there for you, but she needs you now to get there. Your support is the key to our success.

She is ready to serve the 156th District in Harrisburg. With your support, she’ll get there.

Thanks for all you do.


Lani Frank, Campaign Manager for Carolyn Comitta

P.S. Can’t join the dignitaries then? Volunteer to help Carolyn at any time here.


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