Dear Mayor Comitta

Letter, Times of Chester County title there: “Sound says a lot about 156th candidates”), Oct. 25th, 2016

letters1I listened to the WCHE debate yesterday between you and your opponent. Listening without seeing the candidates helps me hear nuances that sometimes are blurred with a visual. Here is what I heard:

A vibrant, intelligent, extremely well -prepared and energetic woman who has proven skills at getting people to work together to solve problems and continue to work on all kinds of issues.

A man full of frustration, excuses, and reasons why he has had to vote NO more times that any legislator and whose main concern seems to be legislation on one issue: bullying in schools.

A woman who stayed calm, in control, and who was able to discuss accurately the important issues presented by the not always unbiased people running the debate. A woman who did not back down, who kept her sense of humor, and who incisively answered all questions.

A man who was pretty much the opposite.

A woman who is ready to take on the challenges of the PA Legislature, where there are a plethora of challenges.

A man who is turned off by politics, by the organizations who want to give him money and then control him, and so has hunkered down and voted no on most issues. A man who has not been able to work with others in that “vile” environment, and who probably should return to his “good life” where he can work 24 hours a week and make a “good living.”

What I heard sounded a lot like the 3rd debate for the Presidency. I know who I am voting for in both cases, both Presidential and PA House. Not the name callers, but the do-ers. Not the excuse makers, but the “we can get these things done” candidates. In both races, the women.

Susan Tiernan,
West Chester


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