Carolyn Comitta in USA Today

excerpts from “A suburban tide against Trump could sink his election bid” by Susan Page, USA TODAY, 9/13/16:

… But Democrats have become increasingly competitive in the suburban counties, which include about a third of the state’s voters. In 2012, Romney lost the other three and carried Chester by just two-tenths of a percentage point, the closest margin in the state.

Or, as West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta, a Democrat, ruefully recalls: “529 votes.”…

Comitta, who is challenging three-term Republican incumbent Dan Truitt for the state House of Representatives, enthusiastically backs Clinton. But she generally tries to talk about local and state issues, not the national race, as she campaigns. She stops by the farmers market after a morning of walking door-to-door on this recent day, distributing fliers that don’t mention party affiliation, instead describing her as “Mom. Educator. Mayor.”

“I hear from some people who love her, some people who would never vote for her, and some who will vote for her because they can’t imagine Trump being president,” she says of Clinton. “Because the two candidates are so polarizing, and I have to win my race, I’m not going there. … That’s a whole other conversation.”…


read the full article, including quotes from other Chester County residents, at USA TODAY


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