Carolyn Comitta Needs Volunteers

If you have paid attention to the political activities in the last week, and getting ready to enjoy the drama from this week, you will appreciate just how much is at stake in our upcoming elections. While the Presidential race is very exciting and engaging, and scary, we cannot forget how important the down-ballot races are. In fact, it can be argued that they are more important than a president in our daily lives. State Representatives make decisions about our environment, education, taxes, healthcare, etc. I’m sure you want someone who represents you and your values in Harrisburg.

Carolyn Comitta wants to be your representative in Harrisburg. Her campaign is going very well. Carolyn has been out knocking doors and raising money which will enable her to get out her message to voters, closer to election day. But we need to do more.

We need to double down on our efforts to talk to voters, to make sure they know Carolyn and her values and vision for our future. That is where you come in. If you are getting this email, you may have offered to help Carolyn’s campaign. We need you now. We need people to volunteer to make calls and/or go door knocking, with or without Carolyn, in your neighborhood, to identify those voters who plan to vote for Carolyn in November. Can we count on your help?

Please reply to me (below), letting me know whether you want to make calls or go door to door. You will have a list of neighbors to call or visit. We will provide you with a script, and we will give you support. We will make this fun, and work together, and make sure Carolyn Comitta is your next State Representative. Please let us know that you will help.

Please reply with your name, cell phone number, and days/times available, and whether you will make calls or go door to door, or both. We will follow up with you to get you started and make sure you have the resources to help us. A few hours a week over the next 15 weeks gets us to our goals.

Thank you for all you will do to help Carolyn win!

Lani Frank, Campaign Manager


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