End of June Updates from Carolyn Comitta

Our campaign is proud to receive the endorsement of Pennsylvania NOW PAC. The National Organization for Women Foundation focuses on women’s rights and global feminist issues including…

  • Economic justice, pay equity
  • Health and body image, reproductive rights and justice, women with disabilities
  • Racial discrimination, family law, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples.

But the most important endorsement is
from the people who know me best, YOU!

A friend and supporter, Rob Partridge, former Director of Communications for the WCASD (West Chester Area School District) and President Elect of the Board of Directors for Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce said…

“The mischief of re-drawing political voting boundary lines that was visited upon the Borough of West Chester by the Republican-led Redistricting Commission is worthy of just one response– a full and thorough turnout this November by every citizen who believes in fairness, justice for all, and access for all, to the things that make our community one of the best in the region.

“I know Carolyn Comitta has already played a significant role in bringing those values closer to the people she represents. The next step, for her, must be to provide leadership to an even greater constituency in the State House by becoming, with your support, the next representative from the 156 th Pennsylvania State District.”

— Submitted by Robert George Partridge, June 24, 2016

With supporters like you, we WIN! Please put Election Day, November 8, 2016, on your calendar. Just two (2) hours of your time on Election Day makes this campaign a success. Please register on my website to volunteer—there’s room for everyone. If you can’t volunteer, your donation helps spread my message in the Fall. Please know that the help you offer is greatly appreciated, and stay in touch. Our campaign is strong.

We WILL win with your help and financial support. Please help us meet our end-of-month goal with a donation.

I am ready to serve you in Harrisburg as your Representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 156.

With your support, I will get there. I am ready!

Thanks for all you do.



P.S. Our end-of-month goal is coming soon. Maybe you can contribute $35, $50, or $100 today to help us meet that goal?


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