Ready! — Carolyn Comitta

Click here to find out more and to volunteer or donate to help Mayor Comitta become Representative Comitta!

I’m ready to continue the good work we began together — as the representative of the 156 th Legislative District in Harrisburg.

Months ago, I began to consider how I might continue my service to our community as the end of my term as Mayor of West Chester draws near. This is my home — the place where I grew up and where I raised my kids; and where my husband and I have our small business. I remain committed to improving the health and safety of our district and want to ensure that the residents of West Chester, East Goshen, Westtown, Thornbury, Birmingham, and the northern part of West Goshen get the representation they deserve in Harrisburg.

With your help and support, I can do just that.

I’ll need you every step of the way. There are three ways you can help me today:

1) Please join my campaign today and let us know how you can help. Whether it’s volunteering to make calls or knock doors, hosting a house party or fundraiser or committing to displaying a yard sign, we want you on our team. Join the campaign today and we’ll match you with a task we need.

2) Donate to the campaign. We have a fundraising goal to raise $50,000 by April 11th and I am just $3,025 away from that goal. Can you help me close the gap today? This will show our partners the level of support I have in our community, so they will match our efforts.

3) Pledge to vote for me on Election Day. April 26th is less that 3 weeks away and I need your vote as an early show of support. Please remember to fill in the oval next to my name on the ballot, and encourage your friends and neighbors to come out and support all our great candidates on the ballot.

I’m ready to serve the 156th district in Harrisburg, and with your support, I’ll get there.

Thanks for all that you do.


— Carolyn


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