156th district candidate mayor Carolyn Comitta

To All Democratic Committee People, zone leaders, future delegates and new volunteers.

Carolyn is a great candidate and we know she will work hard to achieve the goals placed before her in this election bid in 2016. We also know Things must change in Harrisburg in order for our community to thrive . All politics is local! Don’t you all agree.

Let’s start thinking of new ways to build our TEAM and move forward to GETTING THE VOTE OUT both in the primary and general election.

Thank you Carolyn for helping the cause to make OUR COMMUNITY A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE.

Please forward to all the other committeepeople and volunteers who will HELP SPREAD THE GOOD WORD about Carolyn Comitta’s Campaign.

We need all the support possible to make this bid successful in November.

— MaryAnn Good, Dem District Leader, PA House 156

Carolyn and Lani H'burgThank you, each of you, for helping me get more than TWICE the number of signatures I need to be placed on the ballot for State Rep!! (Check out the jubilant photo of Lani and me on the Capitol Steps today after successfully filing the petitions!!)

A special thank you goes to Diane LeBold for her dedicated leadership in coordinating the circulators in all the precincts. And to and Mary Ann Good for her essential help in connecting us and coordinating for our townships.

I am deeply honored and so appreciative to have each of you with me in our quest to take back the 156th. We need good leadership in Harrisburg and I will do my best. Together we will win!!

Warmest thanks,

— Carolyn


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