Local Judicial Candidate’s Success Gains International Attention

by Brian McGinnis, Chester County Dem chair

It’s big news: Jon Long, a candidate for Magisterial District Judge in West Chester, gained national and even some international notoriety recently when he secured a conviction and a guilty plea from a man accused of faking his disabilities and lying about it under oath.

The man who pled guilty had filed more than 30 lawsuits against municipalities and government officials in our neighboring Bucks County. He often sought damages based on blatant lies about his physical condition. To any of us with friends and family living with disabilities, it’s despicable.

Read more about the story of Jon’s victory in court, and share with your friends in West Chester. Remind them to VOTE Jon Long for Magisterial District Judge.

Tuesday Nov. 3, voters in West Chester will head to the polls to select their next judge. I’ve had the opportunity to know Jon personally, and I can tell you that he is the kind of leader who has the character and integrity to serve with honor on the bench. Cases like this one show that Jon will be tough but impartial as our next Magisterial District Judge.

Share Jon’s story and help to spread the word of this important victory, then VOTE Jon Long for Magisterial District Judge tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do.


Brian J. McGinnis
Chairman, Chester County Democratic Committee


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