Voting Straight Dem or not, VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT!!

West Chester Dems, please study this advice to be prepared when you enter the polling place!

If, as the first item on the ballot, you vote STRAIGHT PARTY – DEMOCRATIC, you do not need to fill in any other ovals for candidates but you still need to vote for the HOME RULE CHARTER AMENDMENT on the back of the ballot (you may receive a recommendation on this from your committeeperson).

If you wish to vote mostly straight Dem, you can override a straight vote in any race by blackening the oval in any given race.

If you prefer to vote line by line, don’t forget the back of the ballot, with the Charter Amendment question, constables, and in some precincts School Board (in precincts without a MDJ race, school board is on the front).

See more on the endorsed candidates at 2015 candidates on the Chester County Dem site.

For more on the HOME RULE CHARTER AMENDMENT, see West Chester Community Rights Alliance. Please note that the summary on the ballot does not adequately represent the actual amendment and only the petition wording will become part of the Home Rule Charter. Read that full wording here.


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