Exceptional Candidates for WCASD Director

from Better Direction for WCASD, 10/20/15

I am emailing you today to ask you to vote for Kate Shaw and Sue Tiernan for WCASD School Director for Region 1 on Tuesday, November 3rd. I am voting for Kate and Sue because they have proven that they serve the best interests of our school district and community. Can they count on your vote as well?

Both Kate and Sue have extensive backgrounds in education. Kate brings vast knowledge in developing and implementing educational policies, and Sue was instrumental in forming the board’s Legislative Action Committee to curb unfunded mandates, and she completed a three-year plan to address current and projected fiscal realities of the district. 

The schools board’s thoughtful budgeting allows WCASD to maintain the lowest millage in the county and helps to keep our property values high. Even the Daily Local News agrees! In an April, 2015 editorial, the DLN commended the board for the 2015-2016 budget – for appropriately limiting the impact to taxpayers while not drawing off the healthy reserve. Kate and Sue have shown they can balance the needs of the students and the taxpayers, now they deserve our vote.

Please vote for Kate Shaw and Sue Tiernan on Tuesday, November 3rd

In case you don’t know them already, here is some information on this dynamic and highly qualified team…


●Executive Director, Research for Action – An independent educational research organization focused on using data to improve educational outcomes, with 20 years of experience in development and implementation of educational policies

●Former Deputy Secretary for Post Secondary and Higher Education, PA Department of Education – she currently serves on several committee and advisory boards on postsecondary success and workforce investment

●Author of several books, journals and articles on education

●Proud parent of a Bayard Rustin High School graduate, and a 20 year resident of West Chester Borough


●Vice-president and Chair of the Education Committee, WCASD School Board

●Member, Pupil services committee of the WCASD School Board

●Founding Member, Legislative Action Committee, WCASD  

●Member, Chester County Intermediate Unit School Board

●Former Board Member, Charles A. Melton Community Center

●Volunteer, Community Volunteers in Medicine, West Chester

●Lifelong resident of West Chester and Grandmother to two current WCASD students


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