Norley, Jones claim wins in West Chester

By Candice Monhollan, Daily Local News, 5/20/15

WEST CHESTER >> Jordan Norley, president of Borough Council, appeared to have retained his seat by fighting off a primary challenge for the Democratic nomination, while Vice President Stephen Shinn was instead defeated by his opponent.

With voting in Ward 4 completed, Norley tallied 51 votes to challenger Sue Bayne’s 27, appearing to give him a 63 percent win for stay in the council.

“My supporters clearly came out and made the victory possible,” Norley said. “I appreciate both them as well as everyone who came to vote.”

For race in Ward 6, former council member Jim Jones appears to have reclaimed a seat with 69 votes to Shinn’s 66. With the razor-close tally, there will almost certainly be a recount.

“I saw people show up who clearly were going to vote for my opponent and I wasn’t sure what the count was going to be by the time the day was over,” Jones said. “I was real pleased to see how it turned out. It was close on the Democratic side.”…

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