More upcoming election info

In addition to the info under Registration and Voting in the menu above….

Why you need to vote in the 2015 Primary Election

When? Tuesday, May 19th from 7a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where? At the polling place for your precinct. If not sure, look it up and verify your registration here.

What’s a Primary Election?
Each spring, we choose candidates to represent our party on the November ballot.

Read more at Chester County Democratic Committee

West Chester regs on political signs

Each municipality sets its own rules for political signs.

From West Chester borough code:

112.81 Scope and applicability; restrictions and

B 2.h [3] Ground signs will be permitted in residential
areas only when set back a distance of 10 feet from the front property
line. …

112.82 Signs not requiring permits

E. Temporary signs, except for banners across streets,
alleys and public rights-of-way which are provided for hereafter in §
112-83, announcing a political, public, educational, charitable,
civic, religious or similar campaign or event, provided that: [Amended
5-20-1992 by Ord. No. 7-1992]

(1) Each such temporary sign shall not cover any window
area, nor shall it exceed 28 square feet or 20% of the square footage
of the first-floor building facade, whichever is smaller.

(2) Such sign may be erected for a period not to exceed 60
days in any calendar year. …

The rule about no signs between the sidewalk and street is a higher enforcement priority than the 10 feet or 60 days, it seems. Offending signs will be removed by the borough.

Other municipalities have differing rules. Some are very serious about getting signs down right after an election and threaten to fine candidates whose signs remain up.


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