Support the bipartisan team for school board

[download flyer here: 2015 WCASD final flyer]

Kate Shaw, Sue Tiernan, Samantha Bloom, Matthew Morley,
and Gary J Bevilacqua for WCASD School Board:
Advancing Our Students, Our District, and Our Community

Dear Neighbor,

School board directors play an important role in a child’s education. They determine how they are educated and how our tax dollars are spent. Voting on May 19th is a powerful way to support student success and strengthen our community and property values, but it isn’t enough. This Primary Election cannot be won without hard work and adequate funding. And, that is where you come in.

The Better Direction team has yet again found the best and brightest candidates for school director. Please join our team and help advance education in the WCASD by donating today. Your financial support now, and/or help at the polls on May 19th will ensure the continuation of our strong, vibrant and outstanding school district.

Our candidates’ commitment to the children of the WCASD is unwavering. Incumbents Bevilacqua and Tiernan along with Shaw, Bloom and Morley know dynamic communities excel when you receive value in public education. Over the years they have worked tirelessly as parent volunteers to help build schools of excellence and equity. They are common sense candidates who believe in balance – holding the line on spending while also working to strengthen our public schools. They believe that all of our children are our most precious resource and our public school system is our greatest asset.

Now, they need your commitment to keep moving WCASD forward and continue the current School Board’s dedication to award winning schools, increasing property values and keeping West Chester the district with the lowest school property taxes in the county.

We are a bi-partisan organization of community leaders, parents, residents and business professionals who believe providing a quality education and increasing academic achievement each year should be the foundation of every decision made by our school board. We understand that there is no hope of advancing education when party politics is the only lens through which decisions are made. Let’s keep moving WCASD

Please consider joining our team and donating to Better Direction to support our candidates.

Best Regards on behalf of the Better Direction candidates,


To learn more about the candidates’ views and the issues facing the West Chester Area School District, visit and

Please return this portion with your contribution or go to our website ( and click on PayPal to contribute online. Thank you!

Enclosed is a contribution of: ___$10.00 ___$25.00 ___$50.00 ___$100.00 _____Other!
Please make checks payable to and mail to: Better Direction for West Chester, P.O. Box 66, West
Chester, PA 19381

Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________

I would like to volunteer for the campaign by:
_____Placing a yard sign on my property
_____Working at the polls on Primary Election Day, May 19th
_____Hosting a meet and greet at my home
_____Making phone calls to my friends and neighbors
Other: ______________________________________________________

Paid for by Better Direction for West Chester

download pdf here:Better Direction $ letter


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