School Board Unanimously Approves Resolution Supporting House Bill 168


On March 23, the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) Board of School Directors unanimously approved a resolution supporting House Bill 168, which would eliminate the Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement and halt the development of additional state tests.

By approving the resolution, the WCASD School Board joins others from across the state, including the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, in speaking out against the Keystone Exams, which were designed to assess a high school student’s proficiency in Algebra, Literature, and Biology, and are required for graduation by the state of Pennsylvania.

To date, these non-funded, mandated exams have cost the West Chester Area School District more than $600,000. In addition, the testing has had a negative impact on students both academically and emotionally.

The District recently formed a Legislative Action Committee to help educate the public on the cost of the Keystone Exams and raise awareness of the adverse effects the exams have on students.

read more at WCASD


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