Dan Truitt’s record on environment (33%/100%)

Many legislators like to talk about their concern for environment, but how about their votes?

Clean Water Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Sierra Club have compiled the the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard.

The report comments: “This legislative session was notable for the large number of attacks on environmental protection. The PA House of Representatives generated most of this anti-environmental legislation.”

Dan Truitt, PA House-156, is no exception. Here are the votes considered in the report in the 2013–2014 session. Bill descriptions are those of the report, not the official ones, which usually obscure the true intent of bills.

+ = Pro-environment vote
– = Anti-environment vote
X = Absent

– Green Buildings (HB 34 – Final Passage)
+ Corporate Tax Credits for Gas (HB 301- Final Passage)
+ More Tax Credits for Gas (HB 305 – Final Passage
– Creating Loopholes for Gas (HB 307 – Final Passage)
– Sewage in Our Streams (HB 1325)
– Ignoring the Health Impacts of Fracking (SB 259 – Amendment A2700)
– Creating Municipal Stormwater Authorities (SB 351)
+ Encouraging Good Stormwater Management (SB 1255 – Final Passage)
– Selling Our Parks to Drillers – Step 1 (HB 2328 – The Budget)
+ Selling Our Parks to Drillers – Step 2 (HB 278 – The Fiscal Code – Concurrence)
– Blocking Clean Power (HB 2354 – Final Passage)
– “Providing for potential pollution” (HB 1565 – Final Passage)

His overall score: a paltry 33% out of a possible 100%.


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