Let’s all get behind the Pre-K for PA initiative

Letter to the editor by Carolyn Comitta, Daily Local News, 10/3/14

As a parent, educator and mayor, I fully support the Pre-K for PA initiative. Our children are our future. As adults, it is our responsibility to shape a better future, and this starts with our kids!

The research shows that quality early education is a key to success in school and in life. Many of our children are missing out because their families cannot afford or otherwise do not have access to quality pre-school education. Each child deserves the opportunity to start school ready to succeed! Here is some food for thought:

Did you know that by age 5, a child’s brain is 90 percent developed? This makes the early years of every child extremely important.

Did you know that increasing investment for pre-kindergarten programs decreases taxpayers’ burden in the long term? Children receiving a quality education at an early age equates to a reduction in the need for special or remedial education later in their academic careers. By providing targeted programs, Pennsylvania could reduce special education expenditures by around 8 percent, or $68 million, each year. ..

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