Why Democrats need to vote in the Democratic Primary

from CCDC:

When? Tuesday, May 20th 7a.m. – 8 p.m.

Where? At the polling place for your precinct. If not sure, look it up here.

What’s a Primary Election?
Each spring, we choose candidates to represent our party on the November ballot. Only Democrats can vote in a PA Democratic primary. That means Democrats alone decide who our candidates are. A party candidate who loses the primary cannot suddenly switch gears and run as an Independent.

The May 20 election also elects, for 4 years, members of the Democratic State Committee (who convene statewide three times a year) and Chester County Democratic Committee (the two committeepersons in your precinct). These people help set and carry out party policy. It’s important you hep choose them!

We saw in 2008 what a big deal the primary election was for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton… and the country. Some people thought the long-drawn-out presidential primary would divide Democrats and cause them to lose in November. But Obama won enough of the state primaries to win the endorsement and then the presidency by a large margin. The 2014 gubernatorial race will follow the same pattern!

For info on all Dem candidates in the 2014 primary, see here.

For info on voting, see here.

Why you should vote:

• Every vote counts; some local elections have been decided by just one vote

• If we aren’t all part of public life, others will decide in our name

• Those who don’t vote don’t have standing to complain about the results

• “Democracy: It’s what we do, not what we have”

If you are voting for the first time in your precinct, take ID (preferably with photo).

Otherwise, you won’t be asked for ID: at the end of April, the Commonwealth Court definitively blocked Republican attempts to make voting harder for Pennsylvanians.


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