West Chester OKs change in school board elections

By Kendal Gapinski, Daily Local News, 04/29/14

WEST GOSHEN — West Chester Area School District officials voted Monday to change the way board members are elected, from at-large to three regions.

The board voted to approve the measure at its business meeting Monday in a 6-3 vote, with Maureen Snook, Linda Raileanu and Vince Murphy casting the dissenting votes.

The system would allow the district to be broken up into three regions, with three board members representing each region. Currently, the district allows all nine board members to be elected from residents from the entire district. The Electoral Committee recommended the board approve the regionalization during its meeting last Tuesday.

Many residents spoke during public comment, with some saying they supported the measure and others asking the board to provide the public with more information. Amy Ludwig, a resident who started the group WCunified to oppose the regionalization, asked the board to table the vote. She said she was concerned about her votes being cut by the regionalization.

“When you go to take votes away from every single voter I would hope you would take more time to explore and explain why this is the right thing to do,” said Ludwig.

Other residents said they were encouraged by the resolution, with some saying they felt that regionalization would help to take politics out of the school board. Resident Spencer Virta said he felt that the process had been open and residents had a chance to review the move to regionalize before the vote Monday. …

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