Review latest data on rail service before offering an opinion

letter from Jo Ann P. Kelton, Daily Local News, 3/18/14

I write in response to the March 15 “Roses & Thorns” Daily Local News editorial commenting on the public meeting held recently by the Chester County Planning Commission. The editorial stated the planning commission “buckled” to “unrealistic, romantic aspirations to the return of regular commuter train service to the Borough of West Chester.” The planning commission spokesman made no promises to re-evaluate a timeline for an extension of the Media/Elwyn SEPTA line to West Chester Borough, although many attendees supported such a plan. West Chester Borough Council President Jordan Norley made remarks in support of an extension as well.

The population of Chester County has grown since 1986 when train service ceased, and SEPTA ridership is now at an all-time high. Many stations along the Paoli-Thorndale line experience overflow parking during the week. Peak-hour trains often experience standing-room-only crowds. An extension into West Chester could help the crowding situation on that line by diverting some ridership to West Chester as well.

West Chester is the only area county seat without commuter train service….

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