West Chester school board begins interview process

by Jeremy Gerrard, Daily Local News, 12/10/13

WEST GOSHEN — The selection process for filling the empty seat on the West Chester Area School Board took a step forward at a special meeting Monday as the board began the interview process.

The board was left short one member in early November after Karen Miller submitted a resignation letter citing an immediate exit from the board for personal reasons.

After formally accepting the resignation in November, applications were made available through the district.

At the close of the application acceptance date, the district had received materials from 11 candidates. Board President Rick Swalm announced at Monday’s meeting that two candidates have since removed themselves from consideration.

On Monday, the district interviewed its first seven candidates.

Monday’s interviews included George Martynick Jr., Deborah Liczwek, Gary Bevilacqua, Nancy Bucceri, Jim Meikle, Jim Davison and James Bady.

Candidates were questioned on their intentions, familiarity with budgets and prioritizing with all the mandates facing education. Other questions included whether they had children in the district and if they attended any previous board meetings.

Finally, candidates were asked for their opinions on the ongoing teacher contract negotiations, redistricting and managing a budget within the Act 1 index. …

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