Kick Politics Out of Education

Hi Friends –

I am writing to ask you to vote this coming Tuesday Nov 5th for Chester, Kaliner, McCune and Swalm for WCASD school board.

The incumbent slate (appearing as Republicans on the ballot) is funded by an organization led by Colin Hanna, an ex Chester County Commissioner who has been called “The New Norquist.” Hanna is a national political power broker who recently fought to keep the government shut down, who wants to push a social agenda in public schools, who speaks for the radical Tea Party on national news shows, and who wants to funnel taxpayer money intended for public schools into private schools – which effectively defunds public education. Please ask yourself: Why are Carpenter, Coyle, Latorre and Pimley taking money from Colin Hanna’s political group?

Personally, I view this as a clear and troubling conflict of interest. Our public school board members are supposed to be advocates for public education. They are supposed to be wise managers of the money we pay in to public schools. They are supposed be stewards of our children’s future, not mouthpieces for a crazy political movement. They are supposed to ensure that radical social agendas – from either end of the spectrum – do not make their way into our schools. They are supposed to adhere to the National School Board Association’s code of ethics, which states that school board members must “refuse to surrender judgment to individuals or special interest groups” and “avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest.”

Joyce Chester, Robin Kaliner, Chris McCune and Ricky Swalm are moderate candidates who believe in the benefits that a quality public education offers our children. They understand that a quality school district is the cornerstone of a prosperous community, no matter where you may send your own kids to school. Three of these candidates are registered Republicans, even though they will appear as Democrats on your ballot. For what it’s worth, I know these candidates personally and, although I don’t always agree with them, I respect their integrity, their independence, and their strong commitment to our schools.

Please join me and your many other concerned neighbors, and kick politics out of education.

Vote for CHESTER, KALINER, MCCUNE and SWALM this coming Tuesday November 5th.

Please forward this on to your friends and neighbors.

Thank you,

Dianne Herrin
WCASD Parent


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