Be a decision maker on November 5 for WCASD

Elect ABD team
On Tuesday, November 5th your vote gives you a chance to put our community, our students, and our property values in a better direction.

Joyce Chester, Robin Kaliner, Chris McCune and Rick Swalm share a common vision of high expectations for all students, no exceptions.  In order to fulfill that vision, 4 people, no matter how passionate, cannot determine the outcome of this election alone.  You, as a stakeholder, must participate in this process and choose who will lead our school district into the 21st century.

Joyce, Robin, Chris and Rick are a team of business professionals, educators and parents who believe providing a quality education and increasing academic achievement each year should be the foundation of every decision made by the school board.

As a team they pledge to make taxpayers and property values a top priority by fostering needed change which is critical to ensure the financial stability of our district.

They are a team dedicated to creating a respectful atmosphere between board members, school administrators, teachers and parents in all matters before the board.  Residents should be able to place trust in the school board directors they elect and expect them to provide leadership.  It is unfortunate that contract negotiations have stalled, but true leaders will work through a problem until a resolution is reached.

Be a decision maker on Tuesday, November 5th. Vote for

Joyce Chester
Robin Kaliner
Chris McCune
Rick Swalm!